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Product Formulation

Our Experts Take The Guess Work Out of Creating The Most Effective Supplement

Whether it is time/delayed-release, fast melts or enteric-coated products – our team has extensive experience helping our customers produce unique, innovative and effective nutritional supplements.

Product formulation begins with the finished product in mind. We sit down with you and figure out the desired results of the product, the benefits, and researching similar products in the industry.  From there, our team of consultants and doctors will create a formula to ensure that it is unique, cost-effective, and supported by the science needed to make strong marketing claims.  This includes but not limited to a concept brief, Ingredient surveying & screening,  setting serving size, creating a supplement facts panel and more.  

Label Creation

Almost 30 years of industry experience and over 150 products developed gives our teams extensive creative experience and a large database of the best label producers and several packaging ideas and capabilities. 


We provide you with the best manufacturing process available, with our experience and unique capabilities we’ll be able to show you how to utilize this in your marketing and social media programs.

Brand Devolpment

Our capabilities bring it all together to develop your brand from top to bottom and inside and out. we can assist you in developing your brand from your current products and marketing already in the marketplace.

“… …from the start, they made the whole process painless. …”


CEO, Founder

“… Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?…”

Jason Johnson

CEO, Founder

Launching A New Line? We Can Help.

We Can Help Market, Sell and Distribute Your Own Unique Brand of Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins.

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